PC: desktop or laptop - Windows or Mac

The PC-version is most elaborated and is useful for entering the information in high speed.

In the online version another user on any device can work in the system simultaneously.

  • make a selection (Category, Type, Maker, et cetera) 
  • sort (Nr, Title, Maker, et cetera)
  • mark an object and select marked objects
  • make a print or pdf of the selection on screen

Add objects in detail

  • for any piece of information there is a field (provenance, literature, exhibited, appraisals)
  • enlarge textfields and format texts (style, size)
  • copy and paste
  • add seven photo's per object
  • attach documents
  • click and navigate to an artist

Financial details

  • bought from whom, insured by which company, eventual co-owners and amounts
  • forms the basis for reports with totals and gives amounts of your collection as a whole


List financial data

  • see in a glance per object the amounts and the totals of the selection
  • this information can be hidden and not be visible for all users

Valuations: de actual value of an object of art

  • more valuations per object
  • attach documents
  • insert the valuation in reports

Full report: print catalogue 

  • professional catalogue pdf
  • made with one push on the button
  • ready to print or mail

Insurance list

  • a list with subtotals per category
  • choose your personal format (font, style and size)

Mail object

  • one click and send an email
  • with description and photo
  • from your own email client (Outlook, Mail, Gmail)

Preferences for reports

  • choose your look and feel: font, size and style
  • add your name and logo