Pleasure to work with

The collection-managementsystem of Art Collection Base is for the serious collector. Of modern art or antique. The system:

  • is a great pleasure to see and to work with
  • gives immediately insight in the status of your collection
  • prints professional reports, for instance a list for the insurance company

Do you want to share the collection with others? Are you often away from home?
You can access the system online

Do you prefer to work offline and not in the cloud?
That goes fine on a PC (Windows and Mac) or/and on an iPad.

Key features

  • holds all relevant information on the objects (paintings, three-dimensional art, jewellery, furniture, et cetera) in a clear structure
  • is strongly secured
  • is a totally private and unique system
  • adds high resolution photo’s, and video's as well 
  • attach documents (valuation report, documents of insurance, et cetera)
  • send mails with description, photo’s or documents
  • change the look of reports (fonts, size and style)