On-off prices

The collection-managementsystem comes in four different versions and prices. You just buy the system on-off and pay a little yearly amount for updates and support:

  1. Bronze  € 950
  2. Silver  € 1.450
  3. Gold  € 1.950
  4. Platinum  + € 500

Platinum is the online version, so you choose one of the three first versions in combination with platinum. Then you have simultaneously access on your PC, iPhone/ iPad and via a browser. The yearly costs for hosting of your system at a provider is € 300. The FileMaker server version is known as ultimately safe.

– Each version includes a daypart installation and support (only in the Netherlands and Belgium and France exclusive travel costs). The online-version includes two dayparts support.
– An extra daypart support is € 250
– For yearly updates en support by telephone and Teamviewer (via the computer)  € 95 (not required)
– € 85 for customisation and data-conversion
– € 55 for photography, editing and dataentry

All amounts are without VAT.

Bronze: description of the works

De bronze version let's you:
- describe the works physically
- add maximum six photo's
- write information on the artist
- prints lists, portfolio and sticker

Silver: for all relevant data

The silver version is the basic-version plus:
- financial data (purchase, insurance, sale, co-owners)
- add documents
- add more then six photo's
- add contacts to een werk (photographer, framer, et cetera)
- add arthistorical context (provenance, literature, where exhibited)
- advanced financial reports

Gold: for an and  advanced and complex collection

The golden version has on top of the version Normal the ability to register more data en more functions:

- loans (for exhibitions)
- a to-do list of activities
- professional valuations of a work
- print a complete valuation report
- print a list with (sub)totalized values